Friday, 12 February 2016

Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression (2016)

Iggy Pop
Post Pop Depression

Two of rock'n'roll’s greatest frontmen, Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme and Iggy Pop, secretly hit the studio together last January. They wrote and recorded a full-length album called Post Pop Depression. Homme described the record as a sort of sequel to Lust for Life, Pop's 1977 collaboration with David Bowie. "Where those records pointed, it stopped," Home told The Times. "But without copying it - that direction actually goes for miles. And when you keep going for miles, you can't see these two records any more." Bowie described the album's theme as such: "What happens after your years of service? And where is the honor?"
(Consequence of sound)

01. Break Into Your Heart (3:56)
02. Gardenia (4:16)
03. American Valhalla (4:40)
04. In The Lobby (4:16)
05. Sunday (6:08)
06. Vulture (3:17)
07. German Days (4:49)
08. Chocolate Drops (4:00)
09. Paraguay (6:27)

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