Tuesday, 19 April 2016

P.J. Harvey - The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016)

P.J. Harvey
The Hope Six Demolition Project

01. The Community Of Hope (2:23)
02. The Ministry Of Defence (4:11)
03. A Line In The Sand (3:33)
04. Chain Of Keys (3:09)
05. River Anacostia (4:56)
06. Near The Memorials To Vietnam And Lincoln (2:59)
07. The Orange Monkey (2:47)
08. Medicinals (2:19)
09. The Ministry Of Social Affairs (4:10)
10. The Wheel (5:38)
11. Dollar, Dollar (5:34)


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Nice song, I love the video

Raybandz said...

This video is prolific; please any direct link to download it?

amakor vitalis said...

Nice one, already noted thanks

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