Saturday, 28 May 2016

New Order - Complete Music (2016)

New Order
Complete Music 2CD

The extended versions of all tracks, originally exclusive to the deluxe vinyl box set, have been compiled into a new version of the album titled Complete Music. Complete Music was released on CD and digital formats on 13 May 2016. The cover features the same geometric design with a modified colour palette. Of the release, Bernard Sumner explained: "We've given the music to different mixers, and they’ve chopped it up and rearranged it and stripped it back, so it’s like another take on the original album. Some of the songs are radically different, but rather than like a remixer who would write a new set of music, they used the music that we'd already incorporated in the songs, but warped it in a way that was very interesting."

01. Restless (Extended Mix) (09:29)
02. Singularity (Extended Mix) (07:33)
03. Plastic (Extended Mix) (09:06)
04. Tutti Frutti (Extended Mix) (08:05)
05. People On The High Line (Extended Mix) (07:51)
06. Stray Dog (Extended Mix) (06:30)
07. Academic (Extended Mix) (08:57)
08. Nothing But A Fool (Extended Mix #2) (09:09)
09. Unlearn This Hatred (Extended Mix) (05:25)
10. The Game (Extended Mix) (07:24)
11. Superheated (Extended Mix #2) (07:07)

01. Restless (05:28)
02. Singularity (05:37)
03. Plastic (06:55)
04. Tutti Frutti (06:22)
05. People On The High Line (05:41)
06. Stray Dog (06:17)
07. Academic (05:54)
08. Nothing But A Fool (07:43)
09. Unlearn This Hatred (04:19)
10. The Game (05:06)
11. Superheated (05:05)

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