Saturday, 13 August 2016

Black Tape For A Blue Girl - These Fleeting Moments (2016)

Black Tape For A Blue Girl
These Fleeting Moments

Given where Black Tape for a Blue Girl began over a quarter of a century ago with founder Sam Rosenthal’s exploration of brooding, extended electronics and strings meshed with deeply revealing lyrics and darkly textured, melodramatic vocal performances, it’s striking to see his muse and inspiration reach a new peak on their 11th album, "These Fleeting Moments". The ethereal, gothic and darkAmbient stylings that made them one of the originators of American darkwave are offered on this release which coincides with the band’s 30th anniversary. Rosenthal reinvigorates their classic sound with the return of original vocalist Oscar Herrera, absent from music for 17 years.
- Metropolis Records

01. The Vastness of Life (17:41)
02. Limitless (3:20)
03. One Promised Love (4:29)
04. Bike Shop/Absolute Zero (3:08)
05. Affinity (3:12)
06. Please Don't Go (3:56)
07. Six Thirteen (4:43)
08. Zug Köln (4:08)
09. Meditation On the Skeleton (9:46)
10. Desert Rat-Kangaroo (3:08)
11. She's Gone (4:02)
12. She Ran So Far Away That She Can No Longer Be Found (4:26)
13. You're Inside Me (4:06)

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