Monday, 3 April 2017

Fischer-Z – Building Bridges (2017)

Building Bridges

2017 release, the 20th studio album from the British outfit led by singer/songwriter John Watts. "Building Bridges" is released just as the band celebrates their 40th Anniversary. Building Bridges includes songs about some of the major challenges of our time; to build bridges over religious divides, between political left and right, between rich and poor and conflicting attitudes toward global migration. It also has John Watts' usual quota of people stories. The first single, "Damascus Disco", emphasizes the need for warmth and affection in the solving of humanitarian problems.

01. Damascus Disco [3:09]
02. Easy Money [3:09]
03. Wild Wild Wild Wild [2:42]
04. Barbera Sunlight [3:30]
05. So Close [3:39]
06. Umberella [3:03]
07. Let's Put The Pressure On [2:22]
08. Shrink [2:08]
09. Invite Me To Your Party [2:39]
10. There's a Wilderness Here [3:26]
11. Row Boys Row [3:23]

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