Thursday, 25 January 2018

Project Pitchfork - Akkretion (2018)

Project Pitchfork

With "Akkretion", the first part of his ground-breaking new trilogy, Spilles dedicates his artistic craft to the idea of genesis: the birth of suns and their planets, the essential foundation of all there is. Before the releases of "Fragment" and "Elysium" in upcoming months, "Akkretion" provides an overture to this trilogy, taking us deep into endless space, between the voids in the stars. One thing is for certain: this triptych will redefine dark electro. It’s no surprise that the source of this innovation is Peter Spilles, who helped create and define the genre. He is once again taking the role of innovator, gracing "Akkretion" with everything from monumental melodies to to the dark throb of club zeitgeist. It explores all the dimensions of birth: how love gives birth to hate, joy gives birth to grief, death gives birth to life. As versatile, as beautiful, as tragic as life itself, looking outward as well as inward, "Akkretion" pushes Project Pitchfork into a new frontier, once again. Everything was, everything will be, and everything is. This is only the beginning.

01. Akkretion [5:44]
02. Good Night Death [4:56]
03. Gravity Waves [4:20]
04. The Collision [4:35]
05. And the Sun Was Blue [4:50]
06. Crossfire [4:51]
07. Circulation [3:55]
08. Ascension [6:28]
09. The New Day [4:20]
10. Good, You Are Distant [4:50]
11. Tree of Life (Bonus Song) [5:48]
12. Project Pitchfork feat. Sue Remix - Ascension (Remix) [6:25]
13. And the Sun Was Blue (Remix) [6:43]
14. Good Night Death (Remix) [4:50]
15. Crossfire (We Are Temporary Remix) [4:30]

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