Friday, 12 January 2018

The Skids - Burning Cities (2018)

The Skids
Burning Cities

Four decades after they formed - in the white-hot summer of 1977 - The Skids are back. The post-punk pioneers, currently on a hugely successful comeback tour, have just released their fifth album "Burning Cities" on the 12th of January 2018. "Burning Cities", produced by Verve & Primal Scream studio legend Youth (Killing Joke), re-unites founder members Richard Jobson (vocals) and Bill Simpson (bass) with Mike Baillie (drums). Stepping in for the late Stuart Adamson, is his long-time Big Country band mate Bruce Watson. Additional guitar duties are provided by Jamie Watson.

01. This Is Our World [4:29]
02. One Last Chance [3:11]
03. Kaputt [3:56]
04. A World On Fire [4:23]
05. Burning Cities [3:45]
06. Up On The Moors [3:34]
07. Refugee [4:48]
08. Subbotnik [3:05]
09. Kings Of The New World Order [4:02]
10. Into The Void [2:39]
11. Desert Dust [4:33]

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