Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Monochrome Set - Maisieworld (2018)

The Monochrome Set

2018's "Maisieworld" is another fine example of what makes The Monochrome Set so fun and enduring. The songs rollick and roll with a loose-limbed, good-natured feel, Bid croons and swoons like a louche balladeer long after dark, and the band meet their intrepid leader at every turn with just the right sonic accoutrement. As long as the quality doesn't dip and Bid still has this many great songs up his sleeve, fans of smart, funny, and endlessly loveable guitar pop should leave some space on the shelf for both "Maisieworld" and whatever The Monochrome Set do next. Upon your exit from this album, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your vessel is now filled with abnormal thoughts.
Caution: May contain nuts. And bolts.

01. Give Me Your Youth [3:32]
02. Stage Fright [4:04]
03. I Feel Fine (Really) [2:53]
04  Cyber Son [3:40]
05. Don’t Wear That Look [2:32]
06. Mrs Robot [3:24]
07. Oh, Yes, I’m Going to Be in Your Dreams Tonight [3:43]
08. Shallow [3:30]
09. Silence Is Rusty [3:22]
10. Maisieworld [3:00]

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