Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Blaine L. Reininger ‎- The Blue Sleep (2018)

Blaine L. Reininger
The Blue Sleep

"The Blue Sleep" is a brand new studio album by Blaine L. Reininger, the Colorado-born composer and founder member of avant-garde music group Tuxedomoon. Written and recorded by Blaine in 2017, the album was mixed in his adopted hometown of Athens by noted electronic music producer Coti K. Like most of his previous solo projects, "The Blue Sleep" combines vocal songs with atmospheric instrumental tracks, three of which ("Lost Ballroom", "Jacob’s Ladder" and "Odi et Amo") were written for "Caligula", a theatre production.

01. Public Transformation [4:45]
02. The Blue Sleep [3:17]
03. Lost Ballroom [5:51]
04. We're Tearing Out [4:45]
05. Dry Food [4:29]
06. Camminando Qui [2:44]
07. Jacob's Ladder [4:45]
08. The Dull Sea [4:57]
09. Molecular Landscape [4:42]
10. Odi Et Amo [3:10]

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