Thursday, 24 November 2016

Attrition - Second Onslaught (2016)

Second Onslaught

This is a re-release of ATTRITION's seminal 1983 cassette album "Onslaught". A very limited edition cassette remake on Germany's Maneki Neko Tapes.Originally released on the legendary Third Mind label, with bonus tracks from the same period and enhanced with tracks from such legendary compilations as "Rising from the Red Sand" and "The Last Supper". Never reissued in it's original form, this collection presents a valuable insight into ATTRITION's early days.

1. Vigil (3:13)
2. Onslaught (5:16)
3. Shrinkwrap (82) (3:38)
4. Tones In Black (3:24)
5. First Onslaught (6:44)
6. Black Death (4:03)
7. The Visitor (3:50)
8. Hungry Ghosts (4:14)
9. Mr Toma (I Looked But It Was Gone) (9:14)

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