Monday, 30 January 2017

Gin Devo - Electrotheque (2017)

Gin Devo

In lead with the masters of electronics from the 80's, Gin Devo (Vomito Negro Mastermind) strikes you with his new album "Electrotheque". Recorded on his massive collection of old school synthesizers, Gin takes you on a journey full of analogue basses, pumping drum machines, vintage string machines and sequential hardware madness. "Electrotheque" stands for "purists" and with this album Gin Devo proves to be one of the last artists whom is capable of generating this kind of hardware electronic music without compromises. So put on "Electrotheque," and enjoy the beat.

01. Between Windows (6:03)
02. In This Heat (4:26)
03. Through This Lens (4:56)
04. Push The Stars (5:00)
05. Tilted Glass (6:08)
06. Adhesive (4:57)
07. City Of Light (5:31)
08. Electrotheque (5:31)
09. Echo Path (7:22)

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Saturday, 28 January 2017


22.01.1940. - 27.01.2017.

Winston Smith has left the Ministry of Truth.
Quentin Crisp has left New York.
Ralph Bakshi's Aragorn has left the Middle Earth.
Caligula has left Rome.
Raskolnikov gave up on Crime, and Punishment too.
Gilbert Kane has left Nostromo.
High chancellor Adam Sutler has left the Norsefire Party.
Max has left the Midnight Express.
mr. Garrick Ollivander has left Diagon Alley.
John Merrick has left this freak show.

 Screw U, Big Bro!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Disguise as Disguised as Me

Prerušen u prerušenog u sebe
Je ono što vidim
Šta da vam kažem?
Nisam bio tamo
Nisam se igrao unutra
Niti se igrao napolju

Minimal Compact "Disguise"
(One By One, 1982)

Thursday, 26 January 2017

T.S.O.L. - The Trigger Complex (2017)

The Trigger Complex

Formed in 1978, T.S.O.L. has carved its legacy into the punk and hardcore scene. When powerhouse RISE RECORDS announced the band’s new record (their 11th studio album!), "Trigger Complex", fans rejoiced for the first new music from the band in 8 years. "Trigger Complex" is released at a perfect point as the band’s politically charged music comes at a time of political turbulence.

01. Give Me More (2:16)
02. Sometimes (2:26)
03. Strange World (3:37)
04. Satellites (3:08)
05. The Right Side (3:23)
06. Why Can't We Do It Again (4:39)
07. I Wanted To See You (4:41)
08. Wild Life (2:37)
09. Nothing Ever Lasts (2:15)
10. Going Steady (2:54)
11. You're Still The Same (2:27)
12. Don't You Want Me (4:02)
13. Bats (2:49)

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Zos Kia / Coil ‎- Transparent (2017)

Zos Kia / Coil
Transparent (reissue, complete tracklist)

ZOS KIA was formed by John Gosling (MEKON), John Balance (COIL) and Min - with guest Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson (THROBBING GRISTLE). Their one and only album, "Transparent", was released August 23rd 1983 in a cassette only edition on the now defunct Nekrophile label, Austria. They were the first released recordings of both COIL and ZOS KIA. It was reissued years later by COIL (Threshold House / Eskaton) in an edited edition. The entire recordings are now released on CD/vinyl for the first time and are completely remastered from the unedited tapes. Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks by AKE (pre-ZOS KIA). The music on "Transparent" is genuinely unsettling and disturbing, with a more primal Industrial feel than the Coil album "Scatology", which followed. An essential insight into the very early work of these extraordinary artists and an undeniable link between Coil and Throbbing Gristle.

01. Zos Kia - Sicktone (version 1) (5:34)
02. Zos Kia - Baptism Of Fire (5:00)
03. Zos Kia - Violations (5:22)
04. Zos Kia - Poisons (3:23)
05. Zos Kia - Truth (5:36)
06. Zos Kia & Coil - Sewn Open (5:43)
07. Zos Kia & Coil - Sicktone (version 2) (1:22)
08. Zos Kia & Coil - Silence & Secrecy (4:50)
09. Zos Kia & Coil - Truth (version) (5:34)
10. Zos Kia & Coil - Stealing The Words (4:21)
11. Zos Kia & Coil - On Balance (4:39)
12. Ake - No Mas (4:32)
13. Ake - Rape (live At Equinox, June 21, 1983) (5:24)

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Whistling Past The Graveyard

You probably seen me sleepin' 
Out by the railroad tracks
Ask the prince of darkness
About all the smoke come from the stack
Sometimes I kill a jackal
And suck out all the blood
Steal myself a station-wagon
Drivin' through the mud

Whistlin' past the graveyard
Steppin' on a crack
I'm a mean motherhubbard
Papa one eyed jack

I know you've seen my headlights
And the honkin' of my horn
I'm callin' out my bloodhounds
Chase the devil out the corn
Last night I chugged the Mississippi
Now it's dry as a bone
I was born in a taxi cab
I ain't never goin' home

Screamin' Jay Hawkins "Whistling past the graveyard"

Agent Orange - Surf Punks (2016)

Agent Orange
Surf Punks

This compilation has already been released as "Greatest & Latest - This, That-N-The Other Thing " (2000), "Blood Stainded Hitz" (2004) and "Surfing To Some Fucked Up Shit (Greatest & Latest)" (2008) - missing track #14 "Seek and destroy".
Money makes the world go 'round, so flog that dead horse on and on!

01. It's All A Blur [2:17]
02. Say It Isn't True [2:31]
03. Breakdown [2:24]
04. Wouldn't Last A Day [3:02]
05. Everything Turns Grey [1:45]
06. Message From The Underworld [2:28]
07. El Dorado [1:25]
08. Tearing Me Apart [2:46]
09. Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad [2:21]
10. I Kill Spies [3:19]
11. Bloodstains [2:06]
12. What's The Combination? [3:45]
13. Bite The Hand That Feeds (Instrumental) [2:56]

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Berlin Blackouts - Kissed By The Gutter (2017)

Berlin Blackouts
Kissed By The Gutter

01. Stranger On The Outside [2:58]
02. Savage Vibrations [2:12]
03. RMA [3:02]
04. Out Of Place [2:38]
05. On This Way [2:12]
06. Music's Guidin' Me [2:22]
07. Let Me Be [2:35]
08. I Need A Holiday [2:47]
09. Had It All [2:10]
10. Dead Land [2:40]
11. Cheat The Glallows [2:34]

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes - Modern Ruin (2017)

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes
Modern Ruin

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are a British hardcore punk band formed in 2015 by former Gallows and Pure Love frontman Frank Carter. The band sees Carter return to the hardcore stylings of Gallows, as opposed to the alternative rock sound of Pure Love. "Modern Ruin" is the follow-up to the band's 2015 debut album "Blossom". This sophomore release includes the tracks "Snake Eyes" and "Lullaby". With a sound that returned Carter to the forceful sound of Gallows, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes made their recorded debut with the 2015 EP "Rotten", and in August 2015 they dropped their first full-length album, "Blossom". The band was soon touring regularly in the U.K. and Europe.

01. Bluebelle (1:00)
02. Lullaby (3:14)
03. Snake Eyes (4:17)
04. Vampires (3:20)
05. Wild Flowers (3:04)
06. Acid Veins (3:56)
07. God Is My Friend (3:07)
08. Jackals (0:55)
09. Thunder (3:39)
10. Real Life (3:30)
11. Modern Ruin (3:20)
12. Neon Rust (5:11)

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Mick Harvey - Intoxicated Women (2017)

Mick Harvey
Intoxicated Women

"Intoxicated Women" contains many duets and songs written by Gainsbourg, mostly during the 60s, in a period where he was focusing his songwriting on singers such as France Galle, Juliette Greco and most famously, Brigitte Bardot. Here Harvey has enlisted the talents of guest singers Channthy Kak (Cambodian Space Project), Australian singers Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo), Sophia Brous, Lyndelle-Jayne Spruyt and Jess Ribeiro and the German chanteuse Andrea Schroeder plus a special appearance by Harvey's son, Solomon. The album opens with a stunning version of "Je T'aime… (Moi non plus)" - here titled "Ich Liebe Dich… (Ich Dich Auch Nicht)" - rendered in the sexiest imaginable German by the divine Ms. Schroeder and culminates with "Cargo Cult", the closing track from the classic "Melody Nelson" album. In between we are treated to a smorgasbord of Gainsbourg gems in English (with a bit of Khmer thrown in).
This album is Mick Harvey's volume #4 in Serge Gainsbourg Translations.

01. Ich Liebe Dich...Ich Dich Auch Nicht [5:14]
02. All Day Suckers [2:38]
03. Contact [2:41]
04. Prevert's Song [2:48]
05. The Eyes To Cry [3:03]
06. Puppet Of Wax, Puppet Of Song [2:29]
07. Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth [1:24]
08. God Smokes Havanas [3:25]
09. While Rereading Your Letter [2:21]
10. Sensuelle et Sans Suite [2:46]
11. The Homely Ones [2:10]
12. Lost Loves [2:49]
13. Striptease [3:27]
14. The Drowned One [2:46]
15. Cargo Cult [6:50]

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Half Japanese - Hear The Lions Roar (2017)

Half Japanese
Hear The Lions Roar

01. Wherever We Are Led [2:42]
02. Attack Of The Giant Leeches [2:47]
03. Here We Are [2:35]
04. It Never Stops [2:58]
05. Of Course It Is [3:30]
06. On The Right Track [2:37]
07. The Preventers [4:01]
08. Hear The Lions Roar [3:04]
09. Do It Now [3:02]
10. On Top [2:24]
11. Its Our Time [3:02]
12. This Is What I Know [4:13]
13. Super Power [5:54]

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Thursday, 12 January 2017


- Da li veruješ u Kokošku?
- To je izmišljotina, ne postoji ništa osim slanine, tosta i kafe.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tanya Donelly - Swan Song Series (2016)

Tanya Donelly
Swan Song Series 3CD

"The Swan Song Series" 3CD set is a collection of songs in which Tanya Donelly collaborated with friends, musicians and authors such as Rick Moody, Robyn Hitchcock, John Wesley Harding, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang (Damon+Naomi/Galaxie 500), Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom), Tom Gorman (Belly), and Claudia Gonson (Magnetic Fields), and explored an impressive range that wasn't always captured on previous albums. This exclusive collection includes the first 5 self-released digital EPs + 7 brand new, previously unreleased, tracks on a 31 song set. 
Tanya Donelly is a singer-songwriter and founding member of three of the most successful bands of the post-punk era. At the age of 16, she and stepsister Kristin Hersh formed Throwing Muses, which became the first American band ever signed to the influential British label 4AD. Donelly later sidelined with Pixies bassist Kim Deal to form The Breeders, appearing on the debut LP "Pod". She later exited both the Breeders and Throwing Muses to form her own band, Belly. Donelly would eventually disband Belly to raise her two daughters. She still found time to write and record music as a solo artist.

01. Mass Ave [04:10]
02. Christopher Street [04:24]
03. Let Fall the Sky [02:12]
04. Blame the Muse [03:46]
05. Meteor Shower [04:41]
06. Still [03:30]
07. Mary Magdelene in the Great Sky [04:49]
08. Why So Sad [04:14]
09. Making Light [03:01]
10. Miranda (Pacifically) [03:28]

01. Written/Unread [02:55]
02. VivaKaraoke [02:25]
03. Far Away and Hard to See [02:58]
04. Hidalgo Street [04:42]
05. Cygnet Song [02:49]
06. Salt [05:06]
07. Worry Doll [03:30]
08. Cape Ann [04:06]
09. Flying at Night [04:25]

01. Snow Goose and Me [03:52]
02. Tu y Yo [02:43]
03. Lucky Love [03:49]
04. Oh Me of Little Faith [03:56]
05. The End to the Dawn [03:56]
06. Silver in Your Palm [02:40]
07. Mr. Swan [02:52]
08. Send Me Your Next Nightmare [04:29]
09. Wild Love [03:51]
10. Storm Blown Bird [03:43]
11. In Your Name [04:36]
12. Tooraloo [02:36]
13. Midnight Flower [03:21]
14. I Would Like to Call It Beauty [03:30]
15. The Law [04:13]
16. Old Brown Radio [04:05]

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Gliding like a whale

Potrebno je vreme
Odavde do tamo
Da se negde sleti
Dok se tvoje senke
U uglu mog oka roje
U jednom trenu gaziš po pesku
U drugom si već u letu
I to ne traje ni časka
Prodavac cveća mi je pričao
Da si Kralja u jednom trenu ljubila
A u drugom već odjedrila
Na dva mesta u istom trenu bila
I to nije sve
U jednom si trenu do kraja sveta plivala
U drugom na leđima kitova jahala
Pameti nema na Ničijoj zemlji
Iako anđeli šapuću da pobeđuješ
Zvezdo padalico, bez repa i traga
Ni tren ti nije bio potreban da odeš
Dok si Kralja u jednom trenu ljubila
A u drugom već odjedrila
Dok poput kita kliziš
Od hotela do hotela

Peter Murphy "Gliding like a whale"
(Cascade, 1995)

Monday, 9 January 2017

DEVO - EZ Listening Muzak (2016)

EZ Listening Muzak 2CD

Futurismo repress this compilation of muzak covers DEVO recorded of their own songs and sold via their fan club. This bizarre material pushes the witty, eccentric and utterly unique DEVO sound in an even more extreme direction. "EZ Listening Muzak" comes with a wealth of wacky DEVO merchandise and although it is available as a CD boxset, the vinyl LP set comes in antique walnut or lava lamp colour!

01. Gates of Steel
02. Girl U Want
03. Come Back Jonee
04. Whip It
05. That's Good
06. Jerkin' Back and Forth
07. 4th Dimension
08. Shout (Hello Kitty)
09. Mongoloid
10. Pity You
11. Goin' Under

01. Swelling Itchin Brain
02. Jurisdiction of Love
03. Peek-a-boo!
04. Satisfaction
05. Space Junk
06. Time Out for Fun
07. It's a Beautiful World
08. Jocko Homo
09. Shout
10. Human Rocket (Laughing Gas Version)

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

David Bowie - No Plan EP (2017)

David Bowie
No Plan EP

The final three songs known to be recorded by David Bowie have been released as an EP entitled "No Plan". The tracks were all previously available as part of the cast album for Bowie’s 2016 musical Lazarus. The four-track EP features the songs "No Plan", "Killing a Little Time" and "When I Met You" along with "Lazarus" from Bowie's final studio album "Blackstar". The "No Plan" songs were recorded during the same sessions that birthed that acclaimed album.
"No Plan" EP was released posthumously in digital form only on 8 January 2017 through Columbia and Sony, coinciding with what would have been Bowie's 70th birthday. 

1. Lazarus (6:24)
2. No Plan (3:40)
3. Killing A Little Time (3:46)
4. When I Met You (4:08)

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