Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Whistling Past The Graveyard

You probably seen me sleepin' 
Out by the railroad tracks
Ask the prince of darkness
About all the smoke come from the stack
Sometimes I kill a jackal
And suck out all the blood
Steal myself a station-wagon
Drivin' through the mud

Whistlin' past the graveyard
Steppin' on a crack
I'm a mean motherhubbard
Papa one eyed jack

I know you've seen my headlights
And the honkin' of my horn
I'm callin' out my bloodhounds
Chase the devil out the corn
Last night I chugged the Mississippi
Now it's dry as a bone
I was born in a taxi cab
I ain't never goin' home

Screamin' Jay Hawkins "Whistling past the graveyard"

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