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Public Image Ltd. - Metal Box: Super DeLuxe Edition (2016)

Public Image Ltd.
Metal Box - Super DeLuxe Edition 4CD box

"Metal Box", Public Image Limited's seminal second album was originally released on 23rd November 1979 and was reissued in a 4CD super-deluxe box set format.
With all lyrics written by John Lydon "Metal Box" was recorded with original PiL members Keith Levene and Jah Wobble. Original drummer Jim Walker had left, to be replaced by a succession of drummers. "Metal Box" came out less than a year after PiL’s debut "Public Image: First Issue" yet it was nothing like its predecessor. Things had changed, and so had PiL. While outside pressures mounted PiL channeled their energies (negative and positive) into a record that would set them apart back in 1979, and indeed today in 2016. Whether it be John’s powerful and passionate vocals; Keith’s wailing guitar and melodic synths; Wobble’s sub-disco reggae basslines; or the crashing rhythm that holds it all together, "Metal Box" has many strengths. The album was originally released as 3 x 45rpm 12" singles, housed in a metal "film" canister. As made by "The Metal Box Company" in London’s East End; hence the name.
The new deluxe edition, also housed in an embossed metal box, includes rare and unreleased mixes from the recording sessions, along with B-sides and BBC sessions, a live recording from a now legendary unplanned show at Factory Records Russell Club in Manchester arranged on the day of a Granada TV appearance and exclusive posters and postcards.

cd1: Metal Box (remastered 2009)
01. Albatross
02. Memories
03. Swan Lake (Death Disco)
04. Poptones
05. Careering
06. No Birds Do Sing
07. Graveyard
08. The Suit
09. Bad Baby
10. Socialist
11. Chant
12. Radio 4

cd2: B-sides, mixes & radio sessions
01. Death Disco (7” edit)
02. Death Disco 12”
03. Half Mix / Megga Mix (b-side)
04. Death Disco - BBC TV, Top of the Pops July 12.7.72
05. Memories 12”
06. Another (b-side)
07. Poptones - BBCRadio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
08. Careering - BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
09. Chant - BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
10. Poptones - BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
11. Careering - BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
12. Pied Piper (rare compilation-only track)

cd3: Unreleased Mixes
01. Poptones (version 3) (unreleased)
02. Swan Lake (monitor mix)
03. Albatross (monitor mix) (alternative mix)
04. Swan Lake (“master”) (alternative mix) (unreleased)
05. Unknown INST Jam 1 (“Chant”) (unreleased)
06. Unknown Jam 2 (“Megachant”) (unreleased)
07. Music from an Oven (aka Memories) (unreleased)
08. Radio 4 (“symphony suite”) (unreleased)
09. Home is Where The Heart is (original mix) (unreleased)
10. Unknown INST 2 (unreleased)

cd4: Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79 (unreleased)
01. Chant
02. Swan Lake (aka Death Disco)
03. Memories
04. Public Image
05. Annalisa
06. No Birds Do Sing

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