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Depeche Mode - Spirit (2017)

Depeche Mode
Spirit [de luxe bonused edition] 2CD

“We’re fucked,” sings Martin Gore on "Fail", the final track on the new Depeche Mode album "Spirit". It’s not exactly the uplifting, elegiac ending to an album that one is badly in need of by the end of "Spirit", but as a summary of the prevailing mood, that lyric sums it up perfectly.
This is not an album to listen to if you are remotely worried about the state of the world right now. Lead single "Where’s the Revolution?" signalled this, but it didn’t quite prepare you for just how bleak a picture Depeche Mode were planning to paint. From the off, with the edgy, slow-building opener "Backwards" - with its trademark bass-heavy rhythms and edgy, nagging melody befitting of a classic Depeche Mode set piece - it’s clear that "Spirit" is going to be a challenging listen.
This is 2-CD Deluxe version featuring 5 remixes created by Depeche Mode, Matrixxman and Kurt Uenala, collectively entitled the "Jungle Spirit Mixes".

cd1: Spirit
01. Going Backwards [5:42]
02. Where’s the Revolution [4:59]
03. The Worst Crime [3:48]
04. Scum [3:14]
05. You Move [3:49]
06. Cover Me [4:52]
07. Eternal [2:24]
08. Poison Heart [3:17]
09. So Much Love [4:29]
10. Poorman [4:25]
11. No More (This Is the Last Time) [3:13]
12. Fail [5:07]

cd2: Jungle Spirit Mixes
01. Cover Me (Alt Out) [4:27]
02. Scum (Frenetic Mix) [5:26]
03. Poison Heart (Tripped Mix) [4:16]
04. Fail (Cinematic Cut) [5:37]
05. So Much Love (Machine Mix) [7:20]

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