Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Faust - Fresh Air (2017)

Fresh Air

Faust has recorded a new album. It is entitled "Fresh Air" and differs in several respects from its predecessor "Just Us", from the year 2014. At the time, the recordings were made at Peron's rehearsal studio in Schiphorst in northern Germany, hypnotic pieces with the kind of noisemaking the band is known for. The words and music and noise fall together continuously, sometimes a track is created completely from the free interplay of the forces that emerge when the musicians in the session approach each other. "Enlightened dilettantism" is the term used by faUSt. The story of the band can tell that tale nicely. The only plan is for the band to take off without a plan. "We let the music play through us," says Jean-Herve Peron. Everything else is up to the listener, to make his own film. Jean-Herve Peron has a little tip for us: Listen to the fish.

01. Fresh Air [17:30]
02. Birds of Texas [2:30]
03. Partitur [0:22]
04. La poulie [6:37]
05. Chlorophyl [8:04]
06. Lights Flicker [5:39]
07. Fish [11:22]

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