Thursday, 21 September 2017

Terminal Gods - Meridian (2017)

Terminal Gods

London-based post-punks Terminal Gods today announce the release of their second album "Meridian", via the band’s own Heavy Leather label on August 25th. "Meridian" is a departure from their previous recordings, focusing instead on the 80s soundtrack styles of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg. With "Meridian", Terminal Gods are cementing themselves as THE modern cult band, an as yet undiscovered gem with an endless back catalogue to discover.

01. The Bird Catcher [2:50]
02. Crater [4:23]
03. Sleep Machine [4:15]
04. I Want to Believe [2:47]
05. Headlong and Heartless [2:57]
06. Moral Crusade [3:02]
07. Interplay [4:00]
08. Meridian [3:12]

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