Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet - Landfall (2018)

Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet

Over the years Laurie Anderson has benefited from many remarkable encounters and collaborations that have helped her career progress from strength to strength. First premiered live in 2013, "Landfall" is the first collaboration with the renowned Kronos Quartet, a string quartet famed for its constant pushing forward of musical boundaries. The record's narrative was inspired by the epic storm Sandy which was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season and Anderson’s experience with the storm. At the same time, it’s a lament and a wrath at the storm and the damage it has caused. At the time, when the storm hit NY it flooded parts of the city including Anderson’s Lower Manhattan basement that was full of old equipment, memorabilia, and stage props. "Landfall" is a beautiful and sublime work in both intent and depth of material. It uses seemingly simple, haunting sketches of instrumental poetry that explore a diverse palette of sounds and moods that gradually and minimally blossom both emotionally and harmonically over the course of 30 compositions. It’s also an ambitious work that unifies these two distinct and towering avant-garde institutions, classical and ambient elements, acoustic and electric instruments into a singular statement. These 30 emotionally mercurial vignettes draw from equally broad sources and as a result, the music they create draws both from classical and ambient music. There are moments where it’s neither of those by conventional definition, but it liberally blends the aesthetic choices from both. But together, the effect is both moody and evocative.
- All About Jazz, 14.01.2018.

01. CNN Predicts A Monster Storm [3:19]
02. Wind Whistles Through The Dark City [1:59]
03. The Water Rises [2:43]
04. Our Street Is A Black River [1:20]
05. Galaxies [1:07]
06. Darkness Falls [1:56]
07. Dreams [4:01]
08. Dreams Translated [0:51]
09. The Dark Side [1:11]
10. Built You A Mountain [2:16]
11. The Electricity Goes Out And We Move To A Hotel [3:04]
12. We Learn To Speak Yet Another Language [3:01]
13. Dawn Of Thev World [2:22]
14. The Wind Lifted The Boats And Left Them On The Highway [2:40]
15. It Twisted The Street Signs [1:13]
16. Then It Receded [0:52]
17. The Nineteen Stars Of Heaven [2:44]
18. Nothing Left But Their Names [9:38]
19. All The Extinct Animals [2:50]
20. Galaxies II [0:54]
21. Never What You Think It Will Be [1:11]
22. Thunder Continues In The Aftermath [1:55]
23. We Blame Each Other For Losing The Way [0:42]
24. Another Long Evening [1:57]
25. Riding Bicycles Through The Muddy Streets [2:37]
26. Helicopters Hang Over Downtown [2:16]
27. We Head Out [1:50]
28. Everything Is Floating [1:59]
29. Gongs And Bells Sing [2:33]
30. Old Motors And Helicopters [2:49]

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