Sunday, 13 May 2018

Autumn Tears - The Origin Of Sleep (2018)

Autumn Tears
The Origin Of Sleep (EP)

After 10 years of silence, Autumn Tears are back with new 2018 CD/EP "The Origin of Sleep", featuring a full string and horn section, woodwinds, harp and orchestral percussion. Mastered by Peter Bjärgö from Arcana (Swe) at his Erebus Odora studio. Cover artwork by Kishor Haulenbeek. The five songs on this EP are exclusive to this release and will not appear on upcoming full length album in 2018.

1. Chasing the Void [3:50]
2. The Ghost Beside Me [4:21]
3. Breathing Beneath The Soil [4:10]
4. Shaping A Fragile Utopia [8:18]
5. The Origin Of Sleep [4:25]

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