Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Alice Bag - Alice Bag (2016)

Alice Bag
Alice Bag

The Bags were one of the first generation of punk rock bands to emerge out of Los Angeles, California in the late 70's formed by Alice Armendariz A.K.A. Alice Bag and Patricia Rainone A.K.A. Pat Bag A.K.A. Patricia Morisson. The first line up includes Alice on vocals, Pat on bass, Janet Koontz and Geza X on guitars and Joe Nanini on drums; with this line up The Bags played their first show at "The Masque" on September 10, 1977.
This is the first solo album by Alice Bag, released cca 40 years later with most of her prime energy as then.

01. Little Hypocrite 03:08
02. Hes So Sorry 04:20
03. Programmed 02:18
04. Suburban Home 04:56
05. The Touch I Crave 02:50
06. Poisoned Seed 03:16
07. No Means No 02:38
08. Weigh About You 02:00
09. Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice 02:45
10. Incorporeal Life 04:00
11. Inesperado Adios 05:35

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