Friday, 10 February 2017

Daniel Ash - Freedom I Love (2017)

Daniel Ash
Freedom I Love

A founding member of the groundbreaking Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Daniel Ash distinguished himself in the world of alternative rock during the 1970s, '80s, and '90s.
While Daniel Ash's first solo album, "Coming Down", was a moody, late-night rumination written in the aftermath of divorce, "Foolish Thing Desire", his second, was a celebration of life's perils and pleasures, recorded at Woodbine Street Studios with longtime collaborator John A. Rivers. It's essentially positive, presenting a rush of passionate and powerful rock riffs. In 2002, Ash released a self-titled album that flirted with electronic dance which was followed three years later by a live album "Come Alive". "Freedom of Love" is 4th studio album of his solo career, released 15 years after the third.

01. Freedom I Love
02. Goddess Gorgeous (with King Brain)
03. The Push (feat. Astra Heights)
04. Indie Boys
05. You Unravel Me
06. The Soldiers of Everyday (feat. Attasalina)
07. She's a Sad Song (with Deep Dish)
08. Candy Eye (feat. Angelique Bianca)
09. Someday
10. Flame On
11. Echoplex (The Eno Shuffle)
12. Trouble (with Adrian Utley)
13. Freedom I Love (Crazy Drum Mix)
14. Where's My Leather Catsuit (Bbd Mix)

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