Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Godfathers - A Big Bad Beautiful Noise (2017)

The Godfathers
A Big Bad Beautiful Noise

Legendary British band The Godfathers return with a triumphant bang! Known for the highly acclaimed & influential albums "Birth School Work Death" & "Hit By Hit" that have had critics & fans worldwide drooling over the band for decades, the new album fuses trademark primal rock & roll, super-melodic anthems, raw guitars & a gritty, lyrical attitude. "A Big Bad Beautiful Noise" is a career best!

01. A Big Bad Beautiful Noise
02. Till My Heart Stops Beating
03. You Don't Love Me
04. Poor Boy's Son
05. One Good Reason
06. Miss America
07. Defibrillator
08. She's Mine
09. Feedbacking
10. Let's Get Higher
11. You And Me Against The World

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