Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Shits - Drink Your Blood (2018)

The Shits
Drink Your Blood EP cassette

When the opening track on something like this is almost 7 minutes, you know you're in for some shit. The level of degeneracy and filth that The Shits wade through and pour over you with their debut tape is - in the immortal words of Bill - "most egregious." This shit (by The Shits) is as crushing as it is pugnacious as all hell. The sludge-leaning dirges go on and on and on and on, testing your endurance - 3/4 tracks are around (and over) 6 minutes of the same pummeling riff - undoubtedly weeding out the posers. Leeds, UK is really pumping out some fantastic degeneracy, it's amazing.

1. Whatever [6:47]
2. I Know [3:03]
3. Alone [5:55]
4. It's All The Time [8:37]

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