Monday, 18 July 2016

Tom Robinson – Only the Now (2015)

Tom Robinson
Only the Now

- "Only the Now", Tom Robinson’s first collection of new songs since 1996, finds the singer returning to themes of social justice, in a folk-punk style.

The mighty sword of Justice stands high above us all
All citizens stand equal before her mighty laws
But even mighty Justice has one almighty flaw
There's one law for the rich and another one for the poor
(The Mighty Sword of Justice)

01. Home in the Morning (3:34)
02. Merciful God (3:06)
03. The Mighty Sword of Justice (feat. Billy Bragg & Lisa Knapp) (3:19)
04. Don't Jump, Don't Fall (feat. Lee Forsyth Griffiths) (3:39)
05. Holy Smoke (feat. Swami Baracus & Ian McKellen) (3:30)
06. Cry Out (feat. John Grant) (3:41)
07. Never Get Old (3:09)
08. In My Life (feat. Martin Carthy) (2:21)
09. One Way Street (feat. Ian McKellen) (3:02)
10. Risky Business (2:18)
11. Only the Now (3:50)

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