Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Victim - Swan Songs Too (2016)

Swan Songs Too

Victim is an old school pop-punk band from Belfast (Northern Ireland), found in 1978. 37 years later (2015), after four 7"s and two compilations, Victim had unleashed their very first full-length album "Swan Songs". Few months later, we face the second album in a row, entitled "Swan Songs Too (Two)", being sort of a sequel of the first. It's never too late for the first and second time. Or any.

01. Confrontation (Jim Said)
02. Last Train To Hell
03. Another Girl, Another Planet
04. Secrets
05. It Takes Time
07. Kama Sutra
08. Shadows & Souls
09. Resolution (Jim Said)
10. Just Like Iggy (Home Demo '98)
11. The Whiskey Song (Home Demo '98)
12. How Do You Spell Mnemonic?/Bardot Mantra/Jim Said (Home Demo '98)

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