Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Defects - Feed the good dog (2017)

The Defects
Feed the good dog

Feed The Good Dog’ is the third studio album from Belfast punk legends The Defects since they reformed in 2010. The Defects may still arguably be best known for the original incarnation of the band’s one and only album, the wonderful ‘Defective Breakdown’ in 1983, but the current incarnation have built a fearsome reputation of their own through incendiary live shows and the previous albums, and this one can only build on that. "Feed The Good Dog" pretty much picks up from where 2015’s rather fine ’45 Minutes’ left off, so if you liked that one, you’re guaranteed to like this one.

01. Another Promise Broken [3:13]
02. Hunter Versus Hunter [3:05]
03. Gate Crash [3:22]
05. Arch Enemy [4:15]
06. Made To Break [3:26]
07. 30 Million Dollar Swindle [3:40]
08. Third Time Lucky [3:36]
09. Theatre Of War [2:48]
10. Action Junkie [4:50]

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