Sunday, 4 February 2018

Warsaw - Wires (2018)

Wires EP

Sparked from the disbanding of San Diego's ILYA in 2015, Warsaw is a four piece comprised of Demetrius Antuña and John Mattos (both formerly of ILYA) along with Rebecca Antuña and Lance LaFave of KATA. Warsaw has taken a few elements from both of these bands, but have wholly defined and refined a sound all of their own. With a much more straightforward approach to song structures yet maintaining a unique dark, sexy and sinister sound with an almost cinematic mood.

1. Hunters [4:10]
2. Hollow [4:38]
3. Bones [4:24]
4. Distant [4:29]
5. Foundations [6:06]
6. Cold [4:05] (The Cure cover)

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