Saturday, 28 July 2018

Dorsetshire - Timemachine EP (2018)

Timemachine EP

Twenty-four years after their outstanding debut "Das letzte Gefect", Dorsetshire hoisted again and raised their war flag for prey. After the debut album "Das Letzte Gefect" the EP "Herz aus Stahl" was released, followed by the next longplayer called "Beast". In 1998, the band decided to shut down the project Dorsetshire. Twenty years later it has been reactivated. All songs are newly produced and show the power of impact, that had been made Dorsetshire so distinctive and successful in the nineties. 

1. Timemachine [5:24]
2. Vor all der Jahren [4:21]
3. Straße der Verdamnis [5:31]
4. Herzschlag [4:32]
5. Straße der Verdamnis (gefecht) [4:49]
6. Timemachine (urversion) [5:17]

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