Thursday, 3 September 2015

Tuxedomoon Vinyl Box

Announcing the official release of the Tuxedomoon Vinyl Box, on November 13th 2015. We will open the pre-orders next week, Tuesday 8 at 12:00, on the Crammed shop:

The Tuxedomoon Vinyl Box will be an elaborate, luxurious, bountiful artefact, containing the band's main 9 albums (see list below), an album ("Appendix") entirely consisting of previously-unreleased tracks, a 28-page 12"-sized book with notes by the band members (who reminisce about the recording of these albums) plus all the lyrics & credits, and a single code for downloading the content of the 10 albums.

  1. Half-Mute
  2. Desire
  3. Holy Wars
  4. Ship of Fools
  5. You
  6. The Ghost Sonata
  7. Cabin In The Sky
  8. Bardo Hotel Soundtrack
  9. Vapour Trails
  10. Appendix
Only the first 300 copies of The Box will be numbered!


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