Monday, 11 April 2016

Born For Bliss - Better Than Me (2016)

Born For Bliss
Better Than Me EP

The new Born For Bliss single, "Better Than Me" is taken from the highly rated full album "Falling Back To Never". Besides the title track, this 5-track EP release includes a cover version of "Somebody To Love" (Jefferson Airplane) as well as a remix of "Walk On By" (Kikai Edit) an "Air mix" of "Thorns" by All Hallows Eve and a new instrumental track "Into The Abyss".

1. Better Than Me 05:54
2. Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane cover) 04:29
3. Walk On By (Kikai edit) 07:20
4. Thorns (Air mix by All Hallows Eve) 04:44
5. Into the Abyss (Instrumental) 05:43

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