Monday, 4 April 2016

Escarlatina Obsessiva - Drusba (2016)

Escarlatina Obsessiva

- The Banshees of rainforest from São Thomé das Letras, Brazil.

A few words about Drusba:

We planned to split the release of our new album Drusba, and to make a net version with less songs, for free download, plus the full album version available only on CDs and vinyls. But to cut songs from it would be like to cut scenes from a movie... because that's what Drusba is: a film without images.The images will appear into each listener's mind... It has a beggining linked to an end, in a chain of causes and effects, and develops itself around a constant, a theme, as such as a script, and it must be heard at once, if possible, from start to end, like a film... So we made the full album available for free download in 256kbps mp3's, since our songs are made essencially to be listened to... The songs in high quality files and lyrics will be available on CDs and vinyls, to be released soon by the Californian label Mass Media Records.
If you liked the album and wish to donate any amount to help the band, please, write us to and we will keep on developing this website: soon here you'll be able to buy our records, to download our albums, some available lyrics, photos, videos, gigs informations and everything else about Escarlatina Obsessiva!
We hope you enjoy Drusba, and we'd love to receive your feedback about the album, any comments or sugestions either via facebook or email.


01. Drusba
02. Tiny Boat
03. In Athens With a Lamp
04. Mad Girl Singing
05. Familiar Catacombs
06. Minotaur Maze
07. Bodies That Devour
08. Deny! Deny!
09. Lions of Stone
10. Poisoned Water
11. Eurydice
12. Primal Beast
13. Marcello
14. Cry Crocodile
15. The Absurd Man


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