Saturday, 13 May 2017

Anti-System - At What Price Is Freedom? EP (2017)

At What Price Is Freedom? EP

Anti-System is a legendary British anarchopunk band, formed 1981 in Bradford. The band reformed in 2014 and now here, 30 years on from "A Look At Life" comes the first new Anti-System release in a generation! "At What Price Is Freedom?" is a stunning 5 track, 20 minute EP including the exceptional, nearly 8 minutes long title track, plus 2 other great new tracks and 2 blistering re-recordings of tracks that featured on the "No Laughing Matter" LP. It's quite a statement of intent to mark the return of this band!

01. At What Price Is Freedom? [7:40]
02. False Flag Media [2:50]
03. Eyes Wide Shut [2:27]
04. Don't Worry [3:20]
05. Wot! No Meat [2:34]

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