Friday, 12 May 2017

Did you fart?

"Did you fart at evensong?" is another famous Dave Allen's sketch on Catholic Church and its stinky religious rituals. This sketch has not a single word outspoken loud, but...

- Do you have poo on your shoe?
- (looks) No.
- Have any of you got poo on your shoes?
- (all look) No.
- Did you fart?
- No. 
- Eww... Did you fart?
- NO.
- Did you fart!?
- No, not me.
- Ohh... Was it you?
- Me?
- Fart, no.
- (all look) Pst. Did you fart?
- (bishop nods, with a smile)
- ...

"Did you fart at evensong?"
- full sketch (1971) -

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