Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The House Of Usher - Victory Of Love (2017)

The House Of Usher
Victory Of Love - single

Right on time for the first advent and while we're awaiting the release of The House Of Usher's 10th album "Roaring Silence", they give us two exclusive songs for free, not included in the album: "Victory of Love" and "Black Snow". Both titles were composed around Christmas 2015. "Black Snow" lyrics are based on a poem by Uwe Voehl, which dealt with the loss of its true meaning and the commercialization of Christmas. This track were supposed to be included on the album until its release, but then the band realized that they had too much material and found that "Black Snow" with its special kind of mood was too far out in comparison to the rest of the album. "Victory of Love" is another song-sketch from Markus Pick. The final form of this song was first realized after the completion of "Roaring Silence".

01. Victory of Love [3:30]
02. Black Snow [4:54]

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