Sunday, 30 July 2017

Jah Wobble - The Lago Years (2017)

Jah Wobble
The Lago Years

This release takes a collection of songs from the 6 EPs released on Lago label between 1981 and 1985 and captures some of Jah Wobble's best ever music, covering a wide palette including dub, jazz, spoken word and even some pop sensibilities, all held together by his instantly discernable bass rumble. The driving post-punk-dub of "Invaders Of The Heart" is clear a link to the PiL years, while the psychedelic nature of "Long Long Way" and "Fading" offer long, drug-induced meditations. "Nocturnal" and "East" take this further with long-form instrumental experiments, before both "Voodoo" and the now highly sought after "Blowout" take in (Balearic) pop touches that the mid-80s were beginning to encapsulate. "The Lago Years" is a revelation to those who thought they knew the Jah Wobble sound and offers a perfect framing of a unique musical journey.
- Lago Records

1. Invaders Of The Heart (Decadent disco mix) (9:08)
2. A Long, Long Way (6:45)
3. Blowout (4:41)
4. East (5:51)
5. Voodoo (5:54)
6. Nocturnal (8:44)
7. Blowout (instrumental) (5:08)
8. Fading (7:01)

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