Wednesday, 5 July 2017

ROME - Hansa Studios Session (2017)

Hansa Studios Session

ROME and its entourage set up camp at Hansa for about 14 hours on October 2nd, 2016, and recorded 8 songs in one go. Never really stopping to get a second take, the recording captures the band the way it is - or was at least during that particular tour. ROME hand-picked a few songs from the lengthy tour set, among which are old classics ("Der Brandtaucher", "A Legacy of Unrest" and "Reversion"), newly arranged versions ("The Torture Detachment", "Querkraft"), renditions of songs from the latest release "The Hyperion Machine" ("Stillwell", "Transference") and one unreleased fine rock raritiy: "Mine".

01. Transference [4:35] 
02. Der brandtaucher [3:44] 
03. Querkraft [4:28] 
04. Stillwell [5:19] 
05. Reversion [4:35] 
06. Mine [4:00] 
07. The Torture Detachment [5:22] 
08. A Legacy of Unrest [4:13]

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