Friday, 10 November 2017

Chrome - Techromancy (2017)


The brand new studio album from post-punk visionaries Chrome, led by longtime guitarist/vocalist Helios Creed, "Techromancy" brings back the driving rhythms and metallic riffs of their more rocking early ‘80s "Red Exposure" period. "Techromancy" is as good a testament to the group's progress as its sonic picture. Clocking in under 40 minutes, the album reflects Helios Creed's spaced-out outlook of our world, the titular portmanteau fusing mechanical motion, human emotion and dark magic in the same way the record’s dozen pieces do, while the presence of the ensemble's name in the title is a manifestation of their individuality.

01. Administer The Treatment [5:27]
02. Black Diamond [2:40]
03. Sex Pocket Meister [2:12]
04. Death Is A Pusher [2:07]
05. Tears In Space [3:14]
06. Time Slider [3:49]
07. Pyramid Of Planets [1:02]
08. The Mandela Effect Pedal [3:14]
09. Execution [3:08]
10. The Other Side [2:24]
11. Devils Flight [0:59]
12. Just For You [4:00]

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