Friday, 10 November 2017

In The Nursery - 1961 (2017)

In The Nursery

1961 is a special year - not only is it a rare strobogrammatic number (the next one will be 6009), but it is also when the In The Nursery core duo of twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone were born. The album takes inspiration from historic, literary and personal connections to that year, including the construction of the Berlin Wall, recordings of a Ford Consul, Amnesty International, the novels Solaris and Catch-22, pioneering space travel by Yuri Gagarin and the twins place of birth - The Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital in Cliveden, Berkshire. "1961" also features several guest contributors, including a string quartet courtesy of the Up North Session Orchestra.

1. Until Before After [4:33]
2. Torschlusspanik [4:56]
3. Consul [6:05]
4. Grand Corridor [5:46]
5. Retrofire [3:50]
6. Pacify [3:05]
7. Solaris [4:04]
8. Prisoner of Conscience [2:40]
9. The Earth Was Blue [6:06]

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